View List of Customers/Guests/Tenants

To view the list of customers, click on the banner that displays the current number of linked customers. This will prompt Customer Profiles (which can be found in the menu) to open and show the Customer List.

Here, you can view customer names, along with the list of active requests ordered by them. You can click on each name individually to view their profile or even unlink them.

You can also filter and sort through your customers by clicking on the Filter option. Here, you can apply certain filters in order to search for a certain customer.

You can filter and sort through the following options:
  • Filter by Linking Date
  • Filter by Status (Linked, Unlinked, or All)
  • Sort Alphabetically
  • Sort through Requests (Most active requests first or Least active requests first)
You can also choose to clear any filters currently applied.

Last Updated: October 6, 2016

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