Invite a Customer via E-mail

One of the newer features of QuickReach is the option to link a customer via e-mail Invite. In the chance that the other doesn't have a QuickReach ID yet, or can't recall their ID, this option allows you to link them to your establishment.

Click 'Send Invite' to open the Customer Invite option.

Enter their First Name, Last Name, and Email, then Send Invite. If the email used is already associated with QuickReach, the customer will automatically be linked to the establishment. Otherwise, the customer will be sent an invite to join and make an account in QuickReach.

You can also opt to send multiple invites via Multiple Entry. Write down the First Name, Last Name, and Email of the customer, each one separated by commas. Press Enter and repeat for the next customer. Once done, click 'Send Invite' to link them to your establishment.

Last updated: October 25, 2016

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