Inviting Staff and Setting Access Rights

To invite your staff, click on Settings in the QR Web App and select the Team Settings tab. Enter the following details: First Name, Last Name, and Email Address. Tick the boxes that the staff member should have access to, then click on Invite User when you are done. 

Once you have invited the user, you can further refine their access rights. Select an invited team member. You can further adjust their access rights according to their roles.

There are three roles in QR Property: 
1. Manager- The manager view gives access to both the units available and the invoices. 
2. Accountant- The accountant view allows only the invoice reports and the invoice issuance. 
3. Realtor- The realtor view allows only the occupancies, vacancies, and the owner and tenant database. 

Last updated: Febraury 9, 2017

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