Setting Up Promo Coupons- Part 1

Click on the Promos icon in the header. 

Click on the Add New Promos. 

Set the following details: 

1. Promo Name
2. Promo Code (You can opt to create your own promo code or have the system generate one automatically)
3. Promo Category (Create categories by clicking on Manage Categories and entering category names) 
4. Discount Applied (Select between a percent discount and a flat rate discount) 
5. Status (The default status is Draft. Edit this to Active once you want to publish and activate the promo and Inactive once the promo period is over) 
6. Promo Period (Set the duration of the promo period by entering the Start and End dates of the promo) 
7. Coupon Validity (Set the validity of the promo code by selecting one of the following options: setting the validity of the coupon/promo code as valid during the duration of the promo, for a set number of days after availing a service, or for a later date even after the duration of the promo has ended) 

You can also further customize your promo coupon by setting other options.

Last updated: March 20, 2017

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