Request Details

To view the request details, click on the request card. 

It will show the following details: 

  1. Service Informationshows the service request and the current status, whether it's New, Ongoing or Done
  2. Timer - if timers are enabled for the service, the Response Timer and Service Timers can be found here  
  3. Ticket Management - allows you to mark the request status accordingly as either Ongoing or Done  
  4. Payment Management - shows whether the guest has already paid for the service or not
  5. Messenger - allows you to communicate with your guest and it also keeps a record of previous messages and/or requests
  6. Guest Information - shows the guest name, room no., and comments if any

[Note: The request/order will be marked as Done only when the guest has confirmed the request status on their phone, or after 30 minutes has elapsed since you have marked the request/order as Done.]

Last updated: January 9, 2017

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