Account Settings

The details that you have set up upon registering can be changed through Account Settings.

In Account Settings, you can edit the following:

       1. Personal Settings
       2. Dashboard Settings
       3. Company Settings
       4. Team Settings

Personal Settings*

You can update the following details on Personal Settings:

       1. Profile Picture
       2. First Name and Last Name
       3. Email 
       4. Username
       5. Country
       6. Phone Number
       7. Password

Dashboard Settings

You can customize your dashboard in Dashboard Settings. You may add another service or remove an existing one. You can choose to connect services as well, so that tickets sent to one of the connected services to appear in two lanes. This is essential for services that involve two groups such as Room Service and Kitchen.

You can also select whether the lane will require timers or not, then set the corresponding Response Time and Service Time SLA that your staff must ideally meet. There is no need to set the response and service time if you disabled the timer.

SMS can be enabled or disabled as well. You can also opt to set up QR Property and QR Booking. When one of these features is enabled, an icon will appear in the header of the dashboard. You can access the feature by clicking the icon.

Company Settings

This is where you can view and update your Company Profile. You can also edit more settings such as feature image and office phone number. You can choose to make your establishment private. This will allow your profile to be hidden from public search and nearby establishment list. You can set your establishment to self-linking as well. Customers can access your services quickly without the need to be linked manually. Broadcast Messages can be sent via SMS by enabling the SMS on Broadcast Messages.

If your establishment has other branches, you can list them down by clicking Set Other Served Areas. Operating Hours as well as Holidays can also be set. You can add Frequently Asked Questions, Billing Information and SMS Integration. 

Team Settings 

Within the Team Settings, you can add, delete, search user. You can also edit a user’s access rights by clicking on their profile and selecting the services, menus, and setting they can use.


Last updated: May 24, 2017

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