Adding a Request Manually

To manually add a request, click on the plus icon on the lane of the service requested.

Adding a Request: Non-Menu Service

If the service doesn't have a menu listed, the 'Add New Request' appears.

Fill in the name of the customer requesting the service (they must be already linked), and the subject of the request, as there's no menu to order from.

Click Save. The order should appear in the main page. You and the customer can then use the chat to further discuss the details of the request.

Adding a Request: Menu Service

If the service already has a menu, the popup should look like this. 

List down the order as requested by the customer, then fill in the customer name (must be already linked). Click Update order, and the order summary will update accordingly.

Click Place Order and the order should appear in the request lane.

Last Updated: May 23, 2017

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