Mobile Wallets in QR

Once you mark a request as done, the customer selects the payment method from the list of payment methods that you have made available. The payment methods currently available are: Cash on Delivery, Credit Card on Delivery, and

If the customer has an active wallet in, then the customer app prompts them to link their wallet. When they opt to pay with these options, the payment will be transferred from their wallet to QuickReach’s merchant accounts in PayPal, VMoney, or

On Monday of every following week, all payments made through these payment methods will be disbursed to the partner establishments with the following deductions made for each transaction: Payment Charge (1%), Platform Fee (1%), and Platform Fees from non-mobile payment methods such as credit card on delivery and cash.

If the main method of transaction for the partner establishment is cash and credit card on delivery, these establishments will be billed every 26th of the month for the convenience fees. The details of the billing and the payment will be subject to discussion between the QuickReach Team and the partner establishment.  

Last updated: January 5, 2016

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